10 Yard Fight to SportStation Long Read + Pics


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I got the cabinet about 4 years ago. I was driving by a arcade place and they were trashing games. I pulled over and asked them what they where doing and they said making space. They said I could have the games for free but I couldnt pick and choose I had to take all of them. I went a couple streets up and rented a moving truck. There was about 6 games. Let see if I can remember?

1 Double Dragon 3 Cabinet was ok/paint tacky looking got it working in a couple minutes. Flyback board broke a few moves later. Gave it away to my neighbor and he hasnt done anything with it. I found a chasis for it maybe I'll fix it for him.

2 Time Soldiers, fixed it up in a couple hours gave it away to my friend, then he sold it a couple weeks later.

3 Some old B&W game that as totally useless noboy wanted any of the parts in it even. Think the main game board sold for $12 on ebay.

4. Sega turbo mini , board set was fried got alot of good parts out of this including the monitor for my Mspac mini.

5. Some old ass heavy game that the screen rotated, made by cinematronics board was fried out. It took five big boys to get it off the truck. I cut out the axle and took off the monitor (it broke in another move too) and that made it about 200 pounds lighter. Sitting in my back Yard now think Im gonna trash it.

6 When I was leaving a customer told me he had a MS Pac-man Mini sitting outside his place he didnt want. Works good needs some monitor parts. Thing was a piece almost nothing on it was worthwhile (past thread)

7. 10 Yard Fight. This was the one I really wanted. It was the cleanest of the bunch, betcha it works. Got it to the place I was living and after about half an hour of trying to get inside it: Nope the board is burned up bad. Bet the power supplies bad and thats what happened. The good thing though was the monitor powered up and looked like it probabley worked.

SO I stripped out its main guts. Ive been sitting on it since argueing with myself about what to do with it. First I wanted to turn it into a Bouriki One. I got a complete kit at the time from video connect for a couple hundered. I liked the game and thought the controlls oughta fit easily enough. Never did it was busy and stuff came up. Then I wanted to turn it into a golden tee. Started to but it never materialized.

Finally a few weeks ago Ive got most of the couple cabs I have fixed up and wanted to do somthing with this again. I remembered about my Sportstation board set. I got this in mid/early 2004 on a trade with a person I talked to on ebay. I gave him about >$200 and about 7 killer instinct 2 boards that didnt have harddrives. It was a new kit but only with all boards, fans, marquees and manual.

I played it about a half dozens time with friends and family and thought it was pretty cool. I like Nfl Blitz better than Nba on Nbc, theres just so much more to it.

Anyways first thing I did was take this piece of 1 inch thick wood left over from this Galaga Project and piece together the boards, harddive ect and placed it in the cab sidways. It barely fit. Then I took a power supply (mostly from the sega Turbo) that I had redone in the past and tested it and threw it in there as well.

Next I set up the cp how I wanted it and went to Lowes and bought a piece of wood and plexiglass to place over it. I started to drill the holes and the bit didnt even make one complete hole (wore out) and the plexiglass got ruined. I decided screw that went with the contact paper I had allready placed over it a couple years ago. I got a new stronger bit (couldnt find a hole-punch) and finished the work. They didnt come out perfect but oh well.

I put new joysticks in it and some old buttons I had laying around and wired it up. Then I connected a new harness to the monitor and power supply. I fired it up checked the power supply and it worked fine. I put a bottom of the ninth board in it and the sound worked but the monitor looked like crap I changed the monitor to -sync (whatever that does) didnt work. Finally I looked real hard and found that the ground turns into a bare cable and as buried deep in side the cable. I reconnected it and viola. Nice picture.

I then plugged in the SportsStation pcb and it sounded sick. I was worried it got ruined by sitting around a couple years and not getting played. I checked closer and according to the manual the blinking light I saw said the board was not getting enough juice. So I turned up the switching power supply but the knob broke off inside it. :( I threw in another one I knew worked and re-wired it and checked its voltage. I then re-fired it up and nothing on the screen. The manual said I needed to change these jumpers (for -sync)and it took me half an hour to find them, it also said the dips where wrong for a standard resolution monitor. ??? Anyways I changed everything and it works awesome heres some pics:







It took about 5 days of work total and theres still some other stuff im going to do to it. I hooked up the 4th button to the player start ones.

1.Resize marquee at kinkos

2. Install another speaker for stereo sound

3. Put in lights for change doors and marquee

4. cut wires from the one button on change door it also somehow connects to the test button.

Im addicted to the Tournament play on Blitz but so far im 1/3 :eek:h_no: