Back in 2017 somebody translated the first scenario of Samsho Rpg into English on the NGCD


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"This is a project I've started few years ago but never completed, I've sunk so many hours in it...
If I remember correctly scenario 1 is fully translated for all characters.
I estimate at least 100h are still needed to release a beta version with both scenarios translated. Then more time will be needed to fix bugs, typos, funny spacings, etc."

Samsho Rpg was fully translated into French, but is as of yet not translated into English, this might be of some interest if anyone ever wants to tackle the Saturn ver.

I'm dying to see a translation of this game. I don't know which version would be easier to tackle, the original NeoGeo CD or the Saturn copy. I tried to play around with extracting the text from the game but I'm a total newbie and was just fumbling around in the dark.