Dracula-X / Symphony of the Night

Translating Dracula X / SOTN Beta V1.02 1.021

+1 to the above idea. If there was any way for us to combine them ourselves I'd love to know.

Anyway, just made an account to say thanks for making this! It has been awesome playing this version for the first time.


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Could you make a new version of the patch for being able to apply it to the Extended Hack? ( Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight - Extended )
We need to have the best possible version of this amazing game :D
Thank you very much for your work and kind regards.
This has been discussed already in this thread. Generally there's some changes that may be compatible, others that are not compatible, and some where KnightOfDragon has his own changes he wants to implement.
Hey I just wanted to say that you, are fucking awesome. If I didn't know about the existence of this, I would never of tried the saturn version. I am so happy I did cause despite the loss of the quick map (which I do feel hard when I'm constantly needing to double check the map to make sure I discovered a spot,) this version of Dracula X/SOTN has a fuck ton of improvements in general that make me prefer it over the psx version. Your improvements also made for a much smoother experience for me and only added to the general improvements it already had on its own! While there are other patches that could give me more of what I would want (quick map, or restored transparency), I am able to at least understand what I'm playing thanks to this patch. I will wait for the improvements even if it takes a while..Honestly I wish I could give you a little money to show my appreciation for this patch. Cause Holy fuck do I love the Saturn version a lot now.
hi, i have a question about Castlevaia SotN patch: i know that there is this new patch Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Sega Saturn Patch by Paul Met that includes a lot of features, but not fully translated in english.
And there is also an english patch, i suppose the same available at the beginning of this post, that should be applied to this version of the game: https://cdromance.com/sega_saturn_isos/akumajou-dracula-x-gekka-no-yasoukyoku-japan/

Do you know if it is possible to apply both patch to the game? probably not, the most updated full english patch is the one at the beginning of this post, right? Do you try the patch of Paul Met, that uses the 4MB ram too?