Rabbit (English Translation Patch)

English translation patch release: Rabbit (v1.0) 1.0

derek (ateam)

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Some of you may know me for my English translation patch development work on the Dreamcast, as well as the FM Towns. However, I've been dying to tip my toes into the waters of Saturn, as it's right up there with the Dreamcast when it comes to my favorite consoles of all time.

While this v1.0 release of "Rabbit" is no huge accomplishment, it served as a great training ground for learning more about reverse-engineering retail Saturn software, as well as allow me to learn about differences between Hitachi SH4 assembly (Dreamcast) and SH2 assembly (Saturn).

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"Rabbit" is a 2D fighting game with cartoonish and colorful graphics. The game features eight playable characters: Wu-ling (rabbit), Tian-ren (hawk), Egith (ox), Hou-en (wolf), Ja-koh (snake), Yu-lan (fox), Rex (tiger), and Eddy (wild boar). Each character has a special animal spirit that aids them during combat, accompanied by a "BEAST" meter indicating when the player can use each unique special attack.

Once the player has chosen their hero, they must defeat all eight opponents, including the final boss Zao-long.
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Any completed translation project is a huge accomplishment. Great work, look forward to seeing more.

Amazing how you asked me about this game right after Bo and I were discussing it, talk about the stars aligning!