Backup/Import Booting Methods

I've bought a Saturn finally, and a bucnh of games for it. Ofcourse, some games I can not get authentic copies of. Forinstance, Castlevania Dracula X.

I've read through a few pages of the forum, and I'm still not certain all the methods avialable. Thus far I know you can use the swap trick to boot copies, and I assume imports too?

Whats special plugin carts are there for these purposes?

I also read something about a Boot-CD? Is this for real or was that just a rumor?

And just a final note, I'm not asking for ISOs, I've read that is against the rules.
The two methods of getting games to work are thus:

The swap trick - as described in the "Help and FAQs" section to your left.


A modboard.

Neither method helps with imports - this is what the cartridge devices you mentioned are for. You can also use a small program (again found in the Help and FAQs section) called SatConv to patch ISOs before you burn them to defeat region protection.

The boot disc isn't very useful - you need a "real" copy for it to work without performing the swap trick.