This never got a release in English did it? Another one for my list of 'stuff to play when I learn Japanese/get a Japanese friend'

From what I' ve heard it sounds fantastic.. The sort of RPG I wish would come out more often.
It looks very cool, but i have never played it. I have read in some FAQ somewhere that it has Netlink support. Does it have that? It would be the only multiplayer rpg on Saturn that i know of then.
Baroque is unique. It has a really great design, style and music.The glaucous athmosphere keeps you stuck on your seat. Even HP/VT management increases this stressfull ambience. I remember having no more VT and have to run and run to find VT recovery item, hearing player heart beating faster and faster as my HP decreases.

I call a game like that a real Game with a big "G", I can't tell everything on that game, but you have to know each time you play, the game is different, great weapons you found have moved, etc ...

I would be perfect if it wasn't so hard and in japanese. The game could have been better with 3D characters.