Best DC model to buy?

you dont need to mod to play emu;s

in fact, DC mods won't help at all. DC mods simply get rid of the region codes, and have nothing to do with booting up CDRs
There has been some who said that a dc made after 5/2000 (I think) would not play the emu's or any cdr's even with the utopia boot disk. But then other who have dc's made after that date state they have no problem. So, it probably does'nt matter when it was made.
The only things I've heard are:

1) DCs made after a certain date (Oct. 2000 is supposed to be it I think) won't boot a disc that has an audio track as the first track (i.e. the track in the first session), but will work fine if it's a data track instead (like a standard GD-ROM). Most old tools/images were based on using an audio track.

2) The Limited Edition Hello Kitty and Sakura Taisen DCs won't boot any CD-R.
do you know how the Sakura Taisen protection worked

Not at all.

Seems kinda dumb to me to produce a few consoles that are "Pirate-proof" (well, maybe not completely) but mass produce ones that dont have too much trouble.

My pet theory is that the LE models were released with the protection as a sort of trial to ensure that it wouldn't get cracked easily, but by the time they were going to implement it in the mainstream design, they were planning on ceasing production anyway.
Quote: from Curtis on 5:51 pm on Mar. 19, 2002

Why is that. My PAL system is fine with emulators...

Not only about the emus.The problem is that many(most) import games(NTSC,JP for PAL console) play in 50Hz.If you want to enjoy playing import games the way they are made you have to get a NTSC console.
There is a tool that boots 50mhz into 60mhz, made by ss_teven I think.

Also, the older the system, the better. I think that any date after Oct will start to mess with you, the Dreamcast will not boot up any cdr with an audio track first. If you do get one of these, you need to have a data track first. This can be fixed easily with bin2boot. But most of the emulators being released now are being made with two data files, so you should be all set.
I've bought and seen a handful of US dreamcasts from launch up until death (I bought mine on launch, a bud just picked up a 'new' one for his kid).

They all play CD-Rs just fine, and I've yet to see a problem with 1st session audio..

I don't think sega ever got around to taking MIL-CD support out of US consoles, I mean they announced new consoles wont support MIL-CD only a few weeks before they announced the death of the console altogether..

How many could have been produced in that short of time? If there were any produced, they're probably still sitting in Sega's warehouses waiting for retailers to put in a restock order.. Its sad how they literally couldnt even give the things away.. Poor poor sega..
i got my DC like right when it was released. i never had any problems with

i have the NTSC model. i hear that they work the best.

i dunno mine works great
yeah, my friend burnt me a copy of MVC and it worked great on mine. I got it the christmas of '99 i belive.