Best game for the SNES - what is it?


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So, what do you think is the best SNES game of all time? I have what I think to be a near complete collection of great super nes games, but I wan't to see if anyone can name a good game I don't already have so I can complete my collection.


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Chrono Trigger, maybe Final Fantasy III/VI
Tales of Phantasia was a really good game, but the psx port was better
Long live SNES RPGS


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Chrono Trigger is great, as is Zelda. I'm also a huge fan of Mario Kart and Super Mario World (still playing it!).

Street Fighter 2 and turbo are also great. As were the Styar Wars games.

Robotrek is a great little SNES rpg which I don't think has been given nearly enough credit. Try it if you can find it.


Final Fantasy IV is the best. Too bad queer Nintendo had to censor out stuff. They even took some story (that's just too far, afterall, the story is the most important part of an RPG :)) Stupid Nintendo. grrrrr...... Bunch of goodies goodies that they are. grrrrr..... :angry:


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Hey don't forget the platformers! The Donkey Kong Country series had some of the best graphics for the snes. They were also loads of fun. Oh yeah Chrono Trigger, Final Fantazy V and Zelda: Link to the past were also excellent.


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Not all of these are necessarily great, but I sure wouldn't mind picking up a few more of them...

It's action time:

R-Type 3: The Third Lightning
Gradius III
Contra 3: The Alien Wars
Mega Man X 1/2/3
Attack of the Sequels - Episode Three
Rockman and Forte
Super Mario World
Final Fight (arcade and Sega CD versions kill the SNES port though)
Super Punch-Out
Pop 'n Twinbee: Rainbow Bell Adventures


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There were so many great SNES games it's impossible to pick the best one. :) Some of my favorites:

Breath of Fire
Contra 3
Donkey Kong Country
Mega Man X1 (never played 2 or 3 on the SNES)
SimCity (best version of the original ever made)
Super Mario Allstars
Super Mario World
Super Metroid
Zelda 3

There are a whole lot more, but that's all I can think of right now.

Attack of the Sequels - Episode Three
WTF? Based on the title, I'm assuming this is a Japanese game? :) Never heard of it before.



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I guess you could say it's from Thailand - this group of aliens was passing through when they coded it. It can only be obtained by meeting one of them in person and undergoing the Transfer Ritual, which involves building an EPROM burner with your brain tissue. It wasn't fun, and ever since I've had this tendency to stop talking mid-sentence... the EPROM burner didn't last too long either :(


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I think Actraiser is one of the best games...blending simulator/rpg/action in one package. I also think FFIV is one of the best ff games on snes.



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Breath of fire I and II
Top gear
Super Metriod
Demon Creast
Teenage mutant ninja turtles(all fo SNES)
FFMistic Quest
Uncartedwaters and New horizans

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Super Turrican 2 I never new this game was so good, I was a fan of the Turrican 2 on the Amiga what a nice surprise it was :)
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Yes, I actually liked it)
Super Mario World
Super Mario Allstars
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Super Castlevania IV
Chrono Trigger
Contra 3
Mario Paint
Mega Man X 1, 2, & 3
Space Megaforce
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario Rpg
Super Metroid
Super Punchout
TMNT 4: Turtles in Time