I just downloaded Burning Rangers on Sat from Ralos's FTP and was wondering whether I need all the files.

I have downloaded 11 28.6MB rar files and have unrared one of them and it is now 357MB unrared. I am pretty unfamiliar with winrar so aren't sure whether the unrared file is all of the volumes conbined or whether it can just compress files amazingly small :woah:

Can someone put me out of my misery please ???
Thanx, but I just realised how stupid my question was. I will blame it on my tiredness at the time
Yeah, i get tired EVERY night! it's really starting to piss me off. I think i need some meds or soemthing. Is this normal?
You're 14 aren't you?

Around that age you seem to need as much sleep as you can get.