Bin? iso? mp3? nero? how?


1. How do I burn BIN + cue files with Nero, without converting to ISO?

2. If I only have a BIN file, how do I make a cue file?

3. If I have an iso and a bunch of mp3s, how do I burn them with Nero? If I use separate sessions, the game does not work. If I burn the ISO, it works, but without music.

4. How do I convert a BIN file into one big ISO file, not and ISO for data and mp3s for music.
1. Goto file->burn image, select "show all files *.*" select the cue file. Burn. (Myst - this needs to go in the newbie 101 section! )

2. You can't - ask someone to re-rip the game and provide their cue file, it should be the same.

3. Make a cue file for them, burn with the method above (Myst! )

4. You can't - BIN files contain the cd audio tracks, standard ISO files can not hold both data + cd audio (CDA).
Thanks a lot for the reply. The NERO advice worked perfectly. What do you mean I can't make a cue file and then in answer to 3. you say to make one? I have seen a very large 400MB+ iso file for DraculaX. Are you sure ISOs can't hold music in its native CD-quality?
I mean you can't make a cue file from just a BIN file. You can make one if you have the data split up in ISO + MP3/WAV for example, and there is a tool for this, found here. A plain BIN file doesn't have enough information (metadata) within to describe how the data is split up. Hence the need for a cue sheet.

DraculaX may make use of some kind of audio encoding technique (ADX for example) or perhaps has video within the game. Either way, the stuff inside the ISO file is only data, as opposed to audio data, which is completely different to a CD drive.
I'm downloading DraculaX and its just one big BIN file. Do I need a cue file? it doesn't come with one. But then again, I guess the music in this game is stored in data files, not CD audio tracks, so maybe I don't need a cue sheet. Or maybe I have enough information to make one? Help!
If you have a BIN file you need a CUE file to go with it, no matter what. That has nothing to do with any audio (in-game or CDDA).

That aside, there IS a tool that CAN create cuesheets from bin's called BIN2ISO - its main purpose is to convert BIN images to ISO/WAV files (one would then compress the WAV files to MP3 but that's another story) ... however it does have an extra option to scan a BIN file and take a good guess as to where the game data and audio tracks begin and end. This is not 100% guaranteed to work though, and you really should get the "proper" cue file to go with your bin file instead.

Tip: whenever you download a game, download the cue file first as it's usually only a couple hundred bytes. Then download the bin file.
I wouldn't put any faith in bin2iso or attempting to extract data from a cueless bin with CDMage either unless you were desperate to get that game. I don't know about bin2iso, but the best CDMage can do is 'guess' where the iso file ends and where the audio starts. I did some experiments some time ago and while it seems to give a pretty good guess, it's not quite right. I didn't do a test burn because I could see that the data track was the wrong length. It might have worked...

Even then you are left with the iso and one continuous audio file. You'd then have to slice it up again with a sound editing program.

Even if the guess of the data track lenght were OK, it would still require a lot of work to get to a burnable state.