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BIOS problem?

Discussion in 'Genesis/Mega Drive' started by shiningforceOWN, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. shiningforceOWN

    shiningforceOWN New Member

    When I try to load my segacd rom using wgens190 it tell me:

    Your BIOS files aren't correctly configured, do it with 'options -> directories/files ... ' menu

    I found that menu but i dont understand exactly what i need to do to correctly configure my bios and there is no helpme.txt with the emu to explain.
  2. ryoko2002

    ryoko2002 New Member

    First, do you have either a Japanese, US or Europe BIOS file for the emulation?
  3. shiningforceOWN

    shiningforceOWN New Member

    Huh....You lost me, I dont know, is it something i have to download or is it only a setting ?
  4. shiningforceOWN

    shiningforceOWN New Member

    I tried Kega emulator too and they asked me the same thing about a US Bios in the options menu but i dont know how to fix that

    (sorry my english is bad)
  5. shiningforceOWN

    shiningforceOWN New Member

    Ok I fixed my BIOS problem, it wasnt that hard after all..but there still a prob to fix (not again!)

    I tried Kega emu, all was working fine but then sounds starts to "lag" and became choppy.

    I then tried Wgens190 but I had this message on the emu screen

    "Backup Ram cartridge is not initialized. Press reset and go to the control screen to initialize"

    Is it sumthing i have to download like the USA bios or is it just something else?
  6. ryoko2002

    ryoko2002 New Member

    What version of the US Bios is it?

    110 or 200
  7. snume

    snume Guest

    In the manual, it says to press a b or c on the joypad at the startup screen and it will take you to the memory config menu. then you format the memory and away you go.
  8. shiningforceOWN

    shiningforceOWN New Member

    Thank you guys my problem is resolved I can finally play thie game :)

    Trying to fix the music tho...I read i needed the mp3 for it and iam actually searching for mp3

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