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No one knows the answer (it seems) in Tech Help (hell, no one really looked at it)-

Does anyone know what the URL is for the website regarding BIOS patches for CD-R/W drives?

Thanks in advance...
what manufacturer is the drive?

usually its best to look at their site, since they will have a listing of their drives and the appropiate updates for that drive

either find the manufacturers website using google or something like driverzone to help you, if theres an update it will be there
If you mean overclocking your burner I think this is what you are looking for:

That's where I went to overclock my HP burner, most of the time it usually works depending on the drive. I've had mine overclocked for over a year, no problems whatsoever.
Ok, well here's the deal.

I have a Memorex CRW-1622, 2x2x4x. I wrote a while back that I was going to get a new one, which I will, eventually.

The issue right now is the drive doesn't accept 80min cd-rs. I does all forms of 74 min (cheap -> expensive) so unless there's a different coating on the new ones, the laser is fine.

A while back someone posted a website on edited CD-R/W drive bioses, so that they could do such things as use 80min cdrs (as they are cheaper and 74s are being phased out of existence).

Thanks for the overclocking site though, I may look into that. But for now, I'm really hoping that site (whose link I am searching for) will have a new BIOS.

Oh, and I have the most recent BIOS already flashed. ???
Its a small world after all, the CRW-1622 was the first burner I bought. It never really worked too well for me, I sent a couple units back to Memorex. I guess they didn't factor in the heat involved in burning cds, so the sliders on the drive would stick after a while. The link I gave you also has regular firmware, but I guess I can't help you with patched ones. After I overclocked my HP, I could use 80min cdrs as well, with firmware from that site. Good luck on the memorex drive, it'll be really difficult to find a bios for a drive that old.
The Memorex site has a "D3.9" firmware revision here. If you really feel like going bleeding edge, there are claims that there's a beta "D4.0" version floating around out there. I think you can check the current firmware revision in the drive's Properties dialog.

edit: the Memorex site actually says "D4.0". I guess they forgot to change the filename...
AH ha ha ha ha you guys too i also purchased that burner it never worked for me i was so pissed -- i was happy i got a great deal and when i tried it out it would only work as a cd-rom sometimes. i couldnt return it cause i got it at a computer show oem and i always thought i could fix it so too much time passed by anyways i hated anything memorex after that -- well that and a very bad experience with memorex blank cds -- i will never buy anything from that company again
oh -- yea look at your manufacturers web site for updates

some sites have generic updates which may not work in all burners i found them by just searching under cd-rom bios patch
i have the dysan cr622 (same as that memorex drive but minus the rewrite capability and rebadged)

someone else brought the memorex drive at the same time i did, and had endless problems before returning it, it started off fine, then wouldnt do rewritables, then would only burn gold cdr's. then wouldnt burn anything, then finally wouldnt read cds at all

he returned it and got a different drive, mine still works to this day, just i dont use it since i brought a plextor 16x in janurary since it is too danm slow now

mine doesnt like the really cheap practically see-thru cdrs though (the dysan)

oh, and the last time i looked for firmware for mine it looks like the company is no longer in existance, so i gave up looking

I've already flased to the D3.9 / D4.0 version - based on what you said, ExCyber, D4.0 on the memorex website is actually D3.9 and there is a beta (D4.0) somewhere else. So my new mission is to find that beta.

As far as reliability goes, my burner, to my estimation, has burned well over 700 cds. About 500 of those was for my friends band - and this was in the first two weeks of buying it (so it was constantly being run). Not including bad cd-rs (cdrs that won't burn at all, on any burner), I've probably only burned 25 coasters in the 5 1/2 years that I've owned it.

Needless to say I was kind of shocked to hear about other people's issues with it.

Well, thank you everyone, for all your help.