Black Screen

Well here I am to expose another problem...

Here it goes... when I try to play some games like for example Sega Generations Vol.2... after the sega black screen disappears... the screen turns black and the game stops...

What maybe causing this?

Another problem that I have is that sometimes a game works and another doesn't... why is this?

Like for example SF2 stops in the loadings and sometimes doesn't...

Thanks in advance :huh


I've had similar troubles with a couple of my units. Unfortunately, if your problem is the same as mine, there ain't much you can do about it.

As best as I cen determine, the problem lies in the power supply. Some of the components start to misbehave and you start getting some wierd voltages on the power rails. The differences aren't huge, but they are enough to cause the Saturn to crash with some games some of the time - the list varies. I never got around to tracing the actual faulty components (too hard to find replacements/ switch mode power supplies are very hard to trace), so I can't help you with specifics - I resolved my problems by replacing the power supply completely.

Alternatively, it could simply be that the lens on the CD Unit is dirty and needs a clean.
Originally posted by Curtis@Aug 1, 2003 @ 07:14 AM

Alternatively, it could simply be that the lens on the CD Unit is dirty and needs a clean.

Well it isn't lens problem because I've cleaned them with a cd cleaning kit and the problem stills the same.

But when u talk about power supply is inside the saturn or are u talking about the cable?

The cable is easy to get u simply go to a radio player and steal the cable lol... but

I think ur talking about inside the saturn...

If that is the problem I will just 'get borrowed' my cousin's Saturn...


Assuming that we're talking about games on CDR rather than originals, it is also possible that the games you are having trouble with are from bad rips or the result of bad burns.

If they are copies, what do you burn them with, and at what speed?


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or bad media...

cheap cdr sometimes have problems, the saturn isn't as picky as segacd in that matter, but still requires "good" media. :unsure: