There isn't a working rip of Bleemcast in existence. The only way to use Bleemcast is to buy it, hopefully it's still possible to do so.
bleemcast is dirt cheap, like $5 at most stores. Your best bet is EB. The rarest of the three appears to be the gran turismo 2 one. But you can still find them cheap, or you could try ebay if EBOnline is out of the question for you.
no chance getting it here in australia anymore unless i order online.

ohwell i just d/l cuz i found it by chance i wasnt looking for it.
There are no working backups from Bleemcast. All of them is FAKE. The only way is: Buy it. I buy all of three Bleempacks and it works great.
GT2 should be the easiest to find, it was released first and it was produced in greater quantities. Tekken 3 and MGS discs came out right when Bleem died there were so few disks, my EB only got 5 of each. I luckily got a copy of each bleemcast disc
I bought my copy of bleemcast MGS a few days before bleem closed. I can tell you, I honestly thought that I'd never see it. But I did.

In the UK there seems to be loads of these bleempacks, for all 3 games in normal high street video game stores for about £2 to £5
Someone hasn't been on the board recently

The hacked Bleemcast Version has been the biggest news next to Half Life Gold and the GiriGiri Emulator. And if I may dissapoint you: as long as no programmers feel up to the task to improve it, it will stay this way.