Bloodshot / battle frenzy on genesis

Anyone who has played Bloodshot / Battle Frenzy on Genesis? For those who don´t know it is a 3d fps game, like a futuristic version of wolfenstein. (the original, that is
). It uses a quite advanced raycasting engine and it even has a two-player splitscreen mode. Pretty impressive for being Genesis. All running without any slowdown. If you used an engine like this on the Saturn, wouldn´t it be possible to do a four player splitscreen first person shooter game? That would be really cool! Maybe we should try to do something like that, as a test...
No, i don´t think so. Might be a little hard, but if many people help. I mean, think of how cool it would be playing a four player splitscreen FPS on the Saturn. The textures could easily be made better, and with the power of Saturn, easily surpassing twice the genesis one, we could also add floor textures, nicer sprites and so on. Maybe even some height differences. I think that would be cool...