Blue Skies Team looking for a coder for a 3D F1 racing game

Blue Skies Team looking for a coder for a 3D F1 racing game:

Team Starlane, that is RandomStuff and I, Xenos, are looking for a coder for a 3D F1 racing game.
We are two of the three active members of Team Starlane (not counting occasional contributors) behind the game Blue Skies. Doctor Nova is not interested in racing games.

RandomStuff would be handling music.

I, Xenos, would be handling visual assets.

We have experience and are active and responsive.

Please respond, if you could regularly work on the game for a few hours a week (not much, but consistently). We would like to be finished with the pre-alpha in a year (see below).

We need a coder with experience, this is not something you can handle, if you haven‘t already made games on the Saturn.


Estimated dev time for a pre-alpha demo: 1 year (that‘s how long Blue Skies took).

Minimum viable product:

- Display code with some sort of distance culling for the track (gouraud / Z-Treme style fade-out > XL2‘s code is available for that and easy to implement according to him).

- Collision physics.

- Rudementary arcade style vehicle physics.

- 1 track (U.S.A. Phoenix, for copyright reasons, the track is no longer used).

- Race against staff ghosts.

- Splash screen and still image title screen.


- Additional tracks.

- Vehicle customisation (hard, soft tires etc.)

- Pitstops and tire runoff / vehicle damage.

- 2 player splitscreen.

- Rival Car AI.

- FMV intro.

As usual the game would be released on and all proceeds shared evenly among the team members (don‘t expect any money, Blue Skies has been out for months and made less than 50 $).

Some sample games (think way less polished / ambitious versions of these):