Boom Joke series

Rubba Dub Dub, 3 men in a nuclear sub, They all fallout and THEY BLEW UP!

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the Dynamite stick....HE BLEW UP!

I have some more.....too bad they arent as funny online as compaired to talking =(
Yeah, you really aren't a Jerry Seinfeld to do this kind of jokes
You have to be more creative in the post, or expect us to read this while we're drunk.
And your no Einstien for not realizing Jerry Seinfeld doesn't do humor like this. This is more in the style of Dennis Leary.
Originally posted by falstaff@June 01 2002,19:34

And your no Einstien for not realizing Jerry Seinfeld doesn't do humor like this. This is more in the style of Dennis Leary.

jajaja, I had only that name in my know, I don't know USA humorists names and nobody would get it if I put some Colombian humorist name like "El Hombre Caimán" or "Ordoñez"
Actually, if you want to go back further, Andrew Dice Clay was really the first to start this kind of joke in the late 80's early 90's.
A woman walks into a bar and asks the barman for a double entendre.

So he gave her one.
Guy walks up to the bartender and says acting drunk, "See that spit pot over there?" Bardender is like "Yea?" Guy says, "I bet you 50$ I can piss in it from here to there inside of the pot!"

Bartender says "Sure! What do I have to lose LOL"

Guy pisses EVERY areound the bar but misses the pot!

Bartender laughs out loud

Everyone in the bar is now pissed saying "Fucking asshole! God damnit!"

Bartender asks why are they upset?

Guy says, "I bet them each 100$ I could piss all over your bar and youd laugh at it!"
Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet,

Eating her curds and whey;

Along came a spider, who sat down beside her

And said, "what's in the bowl, bitch?"


That's Andrew Dice Clay, IIRC.
hey diddle diddle, the cat did a piddle,

all over the kitchen mat,

The little dog laughed to see such fun

and piddled all over the cat

Oh i know all the andrew dice clay ones .

I fondly remeber them from my childhood .

Heres a couple :

Jack & Jill went up a hill both with a buck & a Quarter .

Jill came down with two fifty that freakin whore .

Hickory Dickory Dock this chick was suckin my cock

The clock struck 2 I dumped my goo and

dropped the bitch off on the next block .

jack be nimble jack be quick

jack burned off his fuckin dick

hmm Ill edit and add more if I can remember

and if this doesnt get closed or deleted .
Guy walks into bar, sees a sign saying this pot of money belongs to anyone who can make the horse laugh!

Guy walks to bartender, says "Sure Ill take you on and make him laugh!"

Bartender says "Sure, thats what they all said!"

Guy says "5 mins, Il have him laughing"

Bartender says "ok, good luck"

5 mins later

Bartender says "No luck eh?"

Guy says, "Yea I did, hes dead laughing now!"

Bartender looks, sure enough he was on the floor laughing.

Bartender asks, "How?"

Guy taking money says, "Trade secrets"

Bartender says "Thats unfair! I demand a new bet, double or nothing!"

Guy says "Ok, Hows this, Ill make him cry!"

Bartender says, "Ok, fair enough, you make him cry Ill double the money, if not, you lose it all"

Guy goes in, 5 mins later walks out.

Bartender asks "Couldnt do it eh?"

Guys " nope hes crying like a baby now"

Bartender looks, sure enough he was crying.

Guy takes money.

Bartender asks "How did you do it?"

Guy says "First I went up to him and told him I bet my dick is longer then yours, Then I showed him!"

Hehe little things you learn from others around the world LOL.