Boom Saturn Booster Pack 4M plus


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i finally have the money to buy a PAR, but this is the only one i can find. Does anyone know if this one is a good deal for $25 or if i can find one cheaper anywhere else. I am mostly interested in the 1m and 4m functions. thanks
It works fine for me. It's a bit chintsy, but that's to be expected. There is a switch on the front to change from 1meg to 4meg.
NCSX have the AR 4M Plus for $29. I know it's a little more, but it is an AR and a few people have reported flakey behavior from their Booster Packs.
my 4mb bootser pack for example didnt work after i received it, then just started working after a week

they also lack the comms port, although your probabbly not concerned about that from what youve said
Quote: from jotted on 7:24 pm on Dec. 2, 2001

It works fine for me. It's a bit chintsy, but that's to be expected. There is a switch on the front to change from 1meg to 4meg.

what do you mean "it's a bit chintsy"? I don't understand that word.
What problem did you have with NCSXs webstore Captain Crazy?

I've had no difficulty ordering from them.
btw with my ar4m, doesnt seem to wanna save from the saturn mem to the carts mem... just freezes on 'saving to cartridge'... dont like it :(

but the ram features work, and thats all i got it for :)
When I bought Dyanmite Deka 2 and VF3tb from them, the page would just say "cannot find server" or some java script error, that cause me to have the store give me 2 copies of each game I ordered, though I got one copy of each one though :)
the Boom 4MB+ cart from Lik-Sang, it tells me on boot-up "Action-Replay", so is it really the 5in1 PAR in different package?

i also have some difficulties w/ StreetFighterZero3, I can only play it for 30 minutes or so, then the gfx and sounds become partially corrupt and the game will boot only when i remove the card and let it cool down fpor some time... (but only on this game, other game 1-4MB games are fine, even with a "hot" cart)

also, i can't save directly from ANY game to the cart mem, i first have to save it to sys mem and then transfer it w/ the PAR-MemoryManager, is this right or am I missing something???
I have a pal saturn and both a AR 4M Plus and a Booster Pack 4M Plus. Both do not work well on my system. I got replacements for both, but that didn't make any difference. Below an overview of what does and doesn't work on my system:

AR 4M Plus

Working: Imports, Cheats, 4M RAM

Not Working: Savegames, 1M RAM

Booster Pack 4M Plus

Working: Imports, Cheats, Savegames

Not Working: 1M RAM, 4M RAM

What I mean by 'Not Working' is that those function do not work on a cold saturn. Basically, all of these problems disappear when the saturn gets hot. But who really wants to wait an hour before playing Metal Slug for instance?

And a final remark, the booster pack appears to be nothing more than an older version of the AR 4M Plus. Same interface, different copyright and version number.

It's ofcourse possible that the carts work flawlessly on your system, but I wouldn't count on it. I tried several of these carts on several saturns and have never seen a combination that worked perfectly.

Maybe these carts work better on ntsc systems?

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that's strange, with my saturn it's the opposite, SF-Zero only plays when it's cold...

what's the newest AR version ? in my boom cart i have AR v1.94