Brand New saturn with Brand new problem

Hey I got a used saturn model 1 off ebay recently, anyways I just set the system up for the swap trick. Earlier I had noticed my cd door would not open I couldnt think of a reason though so as I was modding the system I saw this odd spring like thing stuck on the side by these blue things torward the front near the power button. I moved it out since it didnt look like it went there anyways one the joints on the top part of that saturn was half broke just fixed it but I cant think of hwere this spring goes does it have something to do with the cd door well please help.

Thanks a lot,

aka Cky2k at romster, classic sega, and segaXtreme
This really isn't a big deal, the spring goes somewhere in the back. You know you can just take the door off alltogether and tape in the switch which registers the door as being closed.