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I'm considering getting ADSL (cable is far too expensive) amd I'm not sure which speed to go for.

I'm tossing up between 128/64 256/128 and 256/128 512/128 and I'd like to hear what you guys think aboout the respective speeds.

I know that faster is better, but it costs more too.

[edit] that should have been 256/128 and 512/128 respectively.
You never really max out your connection (ok, there might be a couple times) but really, all you're doing is paying for the possibility of faster downloading.
I don't have BB at home because it's unavailable. Though through my career I have learned a great deal about it.

I guess it depends if you plan on downloading huge files, or hosting a server.

Not to sound arogent, considering I'm on a 28k connection, but do you call 128k broadband? Not hardly. That's basically 2 56k modems.

And considering DSL is capable of 1.5Mbs downstream, I don't take MTXBlau's reply seriously. It depends where you live in proximity to your provider, the speeds could easily max out either 128 or 256 accounts. His point is correct though, no provider can guarantee you 256K.

I would try the 128 account first and see if you can max it out. If you get fast and stable downloads then you could probably safely upgrade to 256. However, If you don't plan on doing BB extensive things I would surf around on the 128 and see if that is comfortable.
Hey mal, I'm from AU and would just like to warn you to read the fine print at whichever ISP's homepage you are deciding on because in many cases, they will have quota's
I haven't gotton adsl yet mainly because I haven't found an ISP that provides unlimited broadband downloads.
well what are your prices for your current cable, and the prices of the DSL you are looking at...

it also depends on what you want to do with your connection...Cable will reach speeds alot higher than the DSL packages will at the same price...

ex. cable bill = $40 a month and you can get 1.5Mbps down max/128kbps usually up.

DSL bill = $40 a month and you get 640 down max/128kbps usually up.

Cable is a static IP, where as DSL is a dynamic (unless you feel like shelling out more bucks for a static one)

DSL works well with online games, as does cable, cable is better for hosting game servers, both connect to games with rather high ping.

DSL downloads at a more constant speed, and doesn't fluctuate much, you will continue to get the same speeds if everyone on you block uses DSL....If everyone near you goes on cable, your cable speeds will decrease.

I've got a rather good DSL connection from Verizon...started at 640/? down for $40 a month, then it got upgraded to 768/128 last august, and i'm still on the old prices due to some sort of grandfather clause....

Just ran a connection speed test and here are my results:

717 down/ 135 up:

it's unlikely to reach your maxes, but as you can see i'm over my max upload :devil

but still those numbers translate into when downloading files it would be at 90-100 Kbps max

when uploading files around 17Kbps max.

Both DSL and Cable are great for surfing the web so no big differences there.
one last tip. Don't go with iinet's bliink deal if you are planning to download more than 6 GB without breaks. Please read this carefully.
At this point in time I doubt that I'd be downloading 6GB per month (let alone 12), but it would be nice to know that it's there if I need it.

Zziggy00 this is what Telstra offer for cable (in $AU):

plan           price     downloads    d/l over quota

(Max/ max)

5GB Residential    $159.95 /mo     5 GB       $119 /GB 

10GB Residential   $299.95 /mo     10 GB        $99 /GB 

(Max / 128 kbps)

500MB Residential   $54.95 /mo     500 MB       $159 /GB 

1GB Residential    $64.95 /mo      1 GB       $149 /GB 

3GB Residential    $87.95 /mo      3 GB       $139 /GB
ehhh... that's not to good at all mal

here stateside, most services aren't capped at a downloaded max and those over quota prices are insane.... sometimes i'll download 3-4 gigs in one day
And Telstra wonder why not many people are actually joining their cable service.

Even though ADSL has it's drawbacks, it looks like the way to go.
get 256/128, 128/64 isnt even worth bothering to pay extra for (not that 256/128 is either, but it beats 128)
I'm pretty much sold on 512/128 as it only around $20 per month more and they are much better packages overall.

I've just got to sound out a few people about Netspace and iinet now (that and save some $$ for the set up fees).