Broken sega cd 1

I got a sega cd model one the other day but its dead. I think the first owner used an incorrect adapter as I can smell that lovely burnt electronics smell (like when you fry a motherboard
). The only part that seems to have any damage on it is the TR4 part next to where the adapter plugs in.

Can anyone tell me what that part is? As you can tell Im not good with electronics but I have some friends who might be of some help to me. Also if the wrong adapter was used would that be the part that would be most likely to be damaged?

As it stands now the sega cd never turns on. I tried cleaning the connectors as suggested in other posts but it didnt help.

the little green resistor-like thing by where the power goes in is a fuse. Bypass that with wire and see if it boots
Ok thanks... thats the part that looks like it got toasted. I just had no idea what it was
Are they easy to purchase from radio shack or do I need a special one? One more thing, are you talking about the square looking one or the oval looking one in the left hand corner and says 3A on it

I'm not familiar enought with the model 1 to know what you mean by 'square looking one' and 'oval looking one', but to answer your other question this fuse is easily replaced.

This site has instructions for replacing the fuse in a model 2, but the idea is the same for the model 1.
Curtis, fix your link.

I need to get off my ass and replace the one in my model 2. I need those directions

Mr Murder guy, from what I understand they are easy to replace in model 1s because I had one with a blown fuse & trashed it only to get yelled at a week later that I should have saved it since they take about 10 minutes to repair.
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