Broken sega cd


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hey, I bought a used sega cd for 30$ Canadian with 3 games and I used it once with sewer shark then left it for about a month. When I went to go play some new games it no longer worked at all...the cd read light doesnt blink or anything. Does someone have a suggestion or could you tell me the most common fault around model 2 sega cds?thanks.



Either the contacts between the Genesis and SCD are dirty, or the fuse in the SCD has blown. If the contacts are dirty, clean them - easy.

The fuse is a little harder to fix. Try the first and get back to me if it doesn't work.


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Also try reversing the power cords to see if the power works. (Model 1 sega and sega cd only)

Id think its contact issue. IF you have a sega cd model 2. Your in better luck as the model 1 had some issues.....took me awhile at times to get the thing to turn on again. Model 2 was better. Contact issue I think however is the prob or the power cord.