Big DC list FS, my loss is your gain.

Hey guys, due to some financial trouble I need to sell my DC games. Kind of a hard thing to do, but it's come down to selling the last thing I can get any value out of. I want to sell them as a lot, due to ease of shipping and my limited time. Price is somewhat negotiable but no low-ballers please. I know some of these games sell for 1 dollar or aren't worth much at all and when figuring up pricing I just threw all those in to finish off my collection (no need to just have some of the demo disks. sports, and games like unreal tournament just sitting collecting dust, haha).

I accept Paypal and will take a check or Money Order, I will however wait until the check clears before sending you anything though . This price does not include shipping, I have no idea how much it will be, but just try to figure out weight and size of package it will take and you should have it. I can't imagine it being too much. If you're worried about buying on a forum, I have been around here for YEARS (albeit not much lately :p) and have bought/sold from/to a lot of people here, check the seller feedback thread (on segaxtreme) for BJammzz and Pearl Jammzz, both my names.

Everything here is complete w/ case and booklet unless otherwise stated. All the sticker shit you can get off w/
something like goo gone. It's stuff left over from stickers and shit left on case. The cases that are scuffed/scratched
are normal marks from being stacked and shit, no digs unless otherwise noted. All games load up and don't freeze on a well-working DC.

-Ikaruga mint (jap) complete w/ spine
-Guilty Gear x (jap) complete mint w/ spine
-DOA 2 mint+complete
-Outtrigger Mint besides a lil sticky on case where sticker used to be
-Street Fighter Alpha 3. Case slightly scratched, rest mint
-Soul Calibur. case scratched up but rest mint.
-Heavy Metal. case scratched w/ some stickers, rest mint.
-NBA 2k1. a tiny ammount of very very ligth scratches on disc. Pretty damn good though.
-Jet Grind Radio. case a lil scuffed, rest mint.
-Fatal Fury MotW. sticker residue, scuffed case. rest mint.
-Unreal TOurney. Scuffed case, rest mint.
-Fur Fighters, CD only in good shape.
-Blue STinger cd only in good shape.
-THPS 2 cd only w/ mild scratches.
-official DC magazine disc vol 7 september 2000, cd only mild scratches.
-Web Browser 2.0 CD only w/ very mild scratches.
-Official DC magazine CD vol. 4 in case.
-Official DC magazine CD vol. 5 in case.
-Official DC magazine CD vol. 10 in case.
-Official DC magazine CD vol. 10 in case. (yes, 2 of these :p)
-Official DC magazine CD vol. 11 in case.
-PSO v2 mint
-SEGA Bass Fishing. The case has 1 hinge broke but everything is mint.
-Fishing controller
-Sega Smash pack, sticker w/ a few very minor scratches on disc. RUns awesome.
-Code Breaker. Just the CD in my own case, didn't come w/ a case...
-Alone in the Dark. VERY minor case scruff, rest mint.
-Chu CHu Rocket. Scuffed case, rest mint.
-Evolution, scuffed case rest mint.
-Evolution 2, tiny sticker rest mint.
-Sega Rally, very minor scuffs on case, rest mint.
-Shadow Man, scuffed case w/ sticker, rest mint.
-seaman complete in box w/ microphone. a lil sticker residue on case.
-NFL 2k1, scuffed case rest mint.
-Test Drive Le Mans, scuffed case, rest mint.
-Time STalkers, mint.
-Virtua FIghter, scuffed case and broken hinge. Rest mint.
-Sonic Adventure, scuffed case rest mint.
-Skies of Arcadia, minorly scuffed w/ a tiny bit of sticker residue on case. rest mint.
-Record of Lodoss War, minor case scuffs, rest mint.
-PSO, minor case scruffs, very minor scratch on disc 1.
-KOF deathmatch 99, scuffed case and cd doesn't liek to stay in....rubberbanded it :p.
Crack on case too. CD has some very very minor scratches on it. rest is mint.
-Maken X, mint
-jojo's bizarre adventure. stickers on case, rest mint.
-Gunbird 2, scuffed/stickers and cracked case. Some scratches on disc, playable all the way through no problems.
-GTA 2 mint.
-Sega Keyboard/mouse
Total: 45 games and 4 peripherals