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Icarus Moonsight

Hi all,

I'm selling off a number of my items and thought I'd offer the best on here before eBay.

I am new to posting here I but have a good eBay record - 200 transactions & 100% feedback mark.field123

As much as possible, items in my personal collection are of the best quality. I try to collect complete, mint items and handle them with the very best of care while they are in my possession. When not used they are boxed up safe in a smoke free home.

All items are in the UK, happy to ship anywhere, if interested let me know and I'll check postage costs.

OK onto the games:

Stellar Assault SS

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A great JPN only shooter that’s DAMN hard. I could never get past level 10 and I thought I was pretty decent at these!!

Game is complete and boxed with spine card, mint silver sticker hologram, instructions and all inserts. Disc is scratch free PERFECT!


http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/RARE-Complete...112818QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItemON EBAY

King of Fighters Collection

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Trilogy of KOF games '95 '96 & '97.

This is the box set collection containing a boxed complete KOF '95 & Memory card combo (memory card never used) and a twin set of KOF '96 & '97. Complete with all instructions and inserts. Discs are scratch free PERFECT!



Panzoor Dragoon Collection

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Box set of Panzoor Dragoon I & II.

This is the box set collection containing both Panzoor Dragoon games for the Sega Saturn. Both games are mint with spine card, instructions and all inserts. Discs are scratch free PERFECT!



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Battle Garegga - Mint with spine card - £40

Prikura Daisakusen - Mint with spine card & complete 1997 calender - £30 + P&P

Metal Slug - No spine card - £15 + P&P

Guardian Heroes - No spine card - £15 + P&P

X-Men Vs StreetFighter - No Spine card or 4MB memory adapter - £20


View attachment 3727

Enemy Zero - Mint with spine card

Layer Section - Mint with spine card

Soukyugurentai - Mint with spine card

D no Shokutaku - Mint with spine card

Burning Rangers - Mint with spine card & Mini Audio CD

Street Fighter Zero 2 - Mint with spine card

Street Fighter Zero - Mint with spine card

Golden Axe: Deul - No spine card

Dynamite Deka - No spine card

All discs are in MINT condition, I really take care of my games!

Hi-res photos are available for any game your interested in, just PM me and let me know what you want.

I am open to offers, especially for multiple buys!

Many thanks for looking.

Payment can be made via PAYPAL or for UK members, Cheque, postal order & Bank transfer.


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