FS: Items for sale by dj898 :D

remaining items for sale. And I will consider trade in as well.

Items are JPN release unless noted otherwise.

Price shown is in USD except where stated otherwise.

Withdrawn from Sale means item is either on hold or not available temporarily.

Please also check out my eBay sale list here

Sony Playstation

BioHazard Directors Cut w/ Bonus BH2 Demo disc MINT $22.50

Parasite Eve MINT $22.50

PAL Galerians complete $14.95

Einhander Demo $14.59


Pure Pure vol. 14 w/ Legaia Densetsu &14.59


Ghost in the Shell Demo $19


Global Force Demo $13


MonkeyEscape Demo $13


Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Demo $13.50


PC Engine

Joystick w/ rapid fire Box set NEW $16

TennokoeBank Backup Memory module loose $10.95

Tennokoebank II Hucard MINT $19.99

Sega Saturn

JoyCon Racing controller box set MINT $9

Machi Shop Demo 18+ only $7

Scorpion PS/SS compatible light gun box set $9

SegaSanshiro 3 Demo Pack - Sonic R, ShiningForce III, Machi disc only $9

Find Love $19


Sega Dreamcast

Geunine DC Modem adaptor $15

Genuine DC shell $12

DC Direct Pad Lime Green transparent boxed MINT $70

DC Direct Pad Fashion Pink transparent boxed MINT $79

PAL DOA2 $15

PAL Shenmue II GBP 20

PAL Soul Calibur $15

Nintendo 64

Nintendo GameCube


Magzine/ Misc Items

UK Sega Mean Machine

UK Sega Pro Magazine

UK Official Sega Saturn Magzine Issue# 19 $4.95 - very rare

*ask for the issues available

US Official Dreamcast Magazine Issue 3 $4.95

UK EDGE magzines for $2.25 each

Issue# 45, 46, 47, 51, 52




need payment in USD/Euro/GBP via Paypal for all buyers - sorry no direct deposit for Aus buyers.

Items will be shipped out of SYDNEY Australia.

contact for the exact shipping quote.

Picture will be updated upon request..

Genuine DC empty shell grey $12

Im interested but im sure shipping is incrediable to Canada?

also do you have any pictures.
no it's very light since it's empty inside...

if you like I will find out shipping from AustPost - they will probably go for cubic instead of weight...

let me see what I can do with the picture...



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DJ.. I will take the saturn, nights controller, and all the sega pro/mean machine and sega saturn mags, can you gimme a total.. thanks.,

I will need to take the lot to get the quote from Post Office - magazines weigh fair bit as you know.

You want the cheapest method to your place?

PM with your location and I will find out the total.

probably the cheapest way would be economy air which takes around 7-10 weeks max depends on the destination. Normail take around 2-4 weeks max but much more expensive...

oh and all my Saturn consoles are now sold.

Might get some more after New Year though...

well the time has come and I have part with some of my collection to pay the bills... :(

- JVC V-Saturn in mint condition w/ JVC pad & cable.

this is M2 version with the round button and in mint condition. Hardly used.

I don't have the box but have kept it all sealed and packed.

on eBay now

- Sega This is Cool Skeleton Saturn w/ skeleton pad & cable.

again no box but kept in sealed bag and in mint condition.

on eBay now

*Consoles are unmodified and will only works with JPN titles.

*If you need backup memory cart I can arrange one for nominal fee.

- US DC mod chipped w/ BBA (HIT-0400)

The ultimate DC you will ever need.

Works perfectly and in mint condition. Comes with pad, cable and VMU.

will be on eBay shortly

I can only accept the payment via Paypal for international buyers.

For local buyers yes you can pay via bank direct deposit in equivalent AUD - plz wait for my advise in AUD.

They will be on eBay if no takers in next day or two. Of course if you rather buy through eBay then wait for few more days... :D

I'd appreciate if you PM instead of posting BTW...



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Originally posted by ebay listing




This is rare copy of Radiant Silvergun. There is no need to explain what it is and its value. ^ ^; This is Japanese only disc and you will need Japanese Dreamcast unless yours can run Japanese titles. Please see photo for its condition yourself.

Oops. :lol:
I know and before I can revise someone already bid...

I'm sure they know this is for Saturn, not Dreamcast... :thumbs-up:

that's what happened when you use the previous auction as the basis for the new auction... he he :hehehe:
g'day mate!

whatcha doin mate on Boxing Day checking forum? :p

We've been to Darling Harbour to catch the x-mas tree before removed...

heh, im getting the ebay bargains of course, nobody bids on xmas day / boxing day :p pretty much escaping the god awful relatives.
ha ha!

mine're pretty all overseas...

still I had to go out coz my daughter would get bored... :p

and tomorrow for big shopping - I will be the cart boy for missus...
what's shenmue and Saturn X-band modem with Sega Keycard have been listed. see my eBay sale list for details.. :p