Building a NeoGeo CD iso to Dreamcast CDI


I recently came across a pack called "neo-geo-cd-neo4all-dreamcast-collection" which compiles almost the entire Neo Geo CD catalogue for Dreamcast through Chui's Neo4All emulator.

I had the thought of ‘creating my own CDI of a particular title with some translation patch or something like that’. Then, I noticed that the Neo Geo CD games have been transformed in this pack to CDI format compatible with dreamcast, but of course, in the middle of the way there must be the Neo4All.

My question is, how do you convert a Neo Geo CD bin + cue to a Dreamcast compatible CDI?

I've seen several websites that ‘talk’ about it but I don't see a complete process of how to do it either, does anyone have any idea?

If you want to build a Samurai Spirits RPG, stop. Several people tried it already but this game don't run properly on dreamcast, you'll run into several bugs and crashes, it's unplayable.