Burning BIN file without a cue sheet

I downloaded a game off of one of the FTP's a couple days ago and I just found out after unziping it that it was a single bin file, and did not include a cue sheet. How would I burn this file without one, or is their a way to make a cue sheet from scratch for it?
i could be wrong, but i think if it has audio and data within it, you need that cuesheet, cause without that even binchunker doesnt know where the data/audio tracks end within the file.
What you could do is open the bin with CDMage and getting it to auto detect the contents. I haven't got any bins on my PC at the moment, so I can't tell you exactly how it's done...

It's not a great solution, but you could end up with a data track and one big audio track that you could slice up later with a sound editing program.

Which game is it?

It could also be that someone extracted just the data track from a CD using CDRWin. You end up with a bin file if you do that. Attempting to open it with CDmage would tell you if that's the case.