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How to burn an ISO/WAV (or ISO/MP3) Saturn game using CDRECORD (FROM THE CDRTOOLS PACKAGE)

1 - Convert your ISO to the the correct country code.....

SATCONV (the DOS version is what I currently use) - the Saturn Country Code Changer, can convert Saturn ISOs (and BINs) from any country code to any other country code. So you can play (for example...) Japanese games on your U.S.A. Saturn without the need for a converter cartridge or country code switch, however this does NOT get around the need for a mod chip or swap trick to play backup CD-R games.


2 - Listen to the MP3 (or WAV) files

They should sound ok & not have lots of clicks, pops, etc... if they need editing, try AUDACITY, it's a free WAV editor that can handle MP3's (if you get the LAME codec with it).

3 - Prepare your files

Convert all your MP3's to WAV format (I like LAME w/RAZORLAME frontend, but use anything you're confortable with, MP32WAV also works fine) and rename them if you need to (they must be in alphanumerical ISO9660 sort order, so I rename them 01.WAV, 02.WAV, 03.WAV, etc... to avoid any problems with tracks being burned in the wrong order).

If there are multiple ISO files (rare), I name the .ISO tracks; 01.ISO, 02.ISO, etc... so they burn in the proper order....

4 - Get CD-R burner device I.D. (for CDRECORD)

You need to know what the device I.D. of your burner is... use 'CDRECORD -scanbus' to find out what device I.D. your cd-burner/reader uses (mine is 0,1,0), you'll need these numbers for CDRECORD.

5 - Burn the game

As with any CD-Recording application, CDRECORD will work best if you don't have any other programs running while you are burning a CD-R.

Burn the WAV files using CDRECORD, use the #'s you got from scanbus in place of 0,1,0 and you can burn at any speed (not just 4x like in my example below).

'cdrecord -v -dev=0,1,0 -multi -data -nofix -speed=4 *.ISO'

'cdrecord -v -dev=0,1,0 -audio -multi -eject -pad -speed=4 *.WAV'

(note: the tracks must be names in alphanumerical order, because that's how CDRECORD will burn them! Your device, driver, and speed settings will differ...)

6 - Play your backup game!!!

I have a mod chip on my Saturn, but the swap trick also works on both my Saturns (model1 and model2).

Hope this helps,


p.s. - I assume you're using Windows.....
for example i have got Radiant silvergun in a rar .iso file do i burn the iso or spit it up.