Im leaving segaxtreme

....for spring break! lol

ima going to colorado. do some skiing and ski racing. wish me luck at my races!

i hope you all have an enjoyable spring break and i will cya when i get back! (around a week)

Quote: from falstaff on 11:56 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

Have a ggod one and trust me on this.............naked sking is not a good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but sitting in the hot tub naked with the ones you love is... as long as you don't love the ones who gave life to you or their other offspring...
eck. dont mention it. i missed out on three weeks of life last spring due to skiing accident. puncutred left lung, kidney, liver, fractured bones, loss of LOT of blood, loss of memory, etc etc etc...and my right lung collapsed just in time. had to re-learn name/etc and also had to re-learn how to breathe and walk at same time. and the stupid school district billed parental units 500$ for missing too much school. and it was not a "nice break from school" spanish teacher was nice enough to FAX ME PACKETS TO READ so i would be able to take all the tests the DAY I GOT BAK TO SCHOOL.

it was pretty cool when i got really disoriented whenever i changed position (due to lack of blood) and i basically could do whatever i felt like doing (although i did end up with 3 saturday schools for something dumb)

and im going back skiing this winter ^_^
eatpenguin: "puncutred left lung, kidney, liver, fractured bones, loss of LOT of blood, loss of memory, etc etc etc.......and im going back skiing this winter ^_^"

Me: Sounds like you

A: Had lots of fun on your last Skiing trip.


B: Are Suicidal

I think you may have taken 1 too many blows to the head last time you went skiing ;)
Have you been drunk while you where on the track eatpenguin?

Did you scream?Did people ask you the same stupid question they always ask=Does it hurt?
Have a nice time!

And be careful with skiing, and also on playing with scissors everybody have a good time till someone hurts and eye!

- "Muppets at the Treasure Island"

© Jim Henson
eck scary x_x sorry about friend, supergrom

i know i;ve been VERY lucky. it was one of those once-in-a-life-time thing where it just felt like someone was telling me how fragile human life is. it gave me plenty of time to think over life and all that good stuff.

and no, i dont remember ANYTHING relly. what relly sucked was that it happened on the monday. the first day i was there. my mom had one of them business conferences in somehwere in utah (i dont evn remember) and i tagged along so i can ski during the day. somehow, one of the ski ranger ppl found me all bloodied up and stuff x_x. supposedly they flew me on helicopter all the way to salt lake city because i would not have survived otherwise. i get little (scary) flashbacks of being covered in blood, saying "omg im gonna die" but that;s about it. nothing more. dont even want to know.

but it was cool when the first time i gained my conscience i got to ask the nurse "who am i, why am i strapped to the bed?"

it sucked when my mom found whole big stash in my backpack. she purposely didnt tell me about it right up to teh point we were on the plane, so i wouldn't have a way to ignore her little speech.

anyway, they put me on patches because i couldnt smoke and i was under like heavy supervision so i wouldnt drink. my bones still havent fully recuperated and i have scar behind my right ear where it was almost ripped off. it hurt like #### when they removed the stitches. oh and i have a cool scar to my right side where the chest tube went. there used to be a hole there ^_^

and no, if i were suicidal i would have killed myself long time ago. and not by skiing. tee hee hee.

one positive thign that came out of all this was i had something neat to write about for my college essays. i was all like "the fragility of human life" bla bla bs bs bs. and aparently, it worked for the most.

but seriously, if you go skiing, please be careful. dont do dumb things. i dont exactly know what i had been doing, but it probably had somethign to do with what my mom found in my backpack. just dont.
Quote: from eatpenguin on 1:44 am on Mar. 22, 2002

puncutred left lung, kidney, liver, fractured bones, loss of LOT of blood, loss of memory, etc etc etc...and my right lung collapsed just in time. had to re-learn name/etc and also had to re-learn how to breathe and walk at same time

Eep. Punctured lungs and anything to do with the eye freak me out. But memory loss? Harsh. You really had to relearn your name? That's pretty rare. Are there still holes in your memory or have you recovered pretty much everything? Usually in traumatic events its just short term memory that's affected. Glad to see you've recovered enough to get up and go at it again though. Kid in my 7th grade class died in a snowmobile accident. Gotta be careful out there...
well, stuff like my name came back pretty quickly, but learning how to walk, and walk and breateh at same time took some time. also i dont really recall what exactly went on. plus, supposedly my brother came to visit from north carolina while i was in the intensive care, and according to him, he asked me if i could borrow all these random things and i said yes...i dont even remember him visiting at all!! i do remember my grandmother because she flew in from korea and would NOT leave me alone for a single second so i could watch some TV in peace. my dad didnt come, but rather called just so he can bitch at me about how it was all my fault for making everyone worry and stuff. i remember that made me really sad because for once i wanted to hear something encouraging. i didnt have enough strength (nor were my lungs functioning) to reply or anything but he kept on yelling at me. hmm now i remember. that was the night my good lung collapsed on me. eck. dont want to think about it x_x gonna crouch over there in the corner and sob*
well guys, im back, and my vacation was shit!

lol well it was aight

i was like fuckin sick the whole week, but i forced myself to ski, and i had a good time anyway!

eatpenguin, im glad your ok

supergrom, sorry about your friend. what happened to the guy who cut him off? did he even stop and stuff? or was it a hit and run?

my stepdad was hit by a snowboarder and my stepdad was like knocked out, but he was alright.

besides being sick, my vacation was really good!

thanx ppl

it would piss me off if he knew what happened and just kept going. if he knew what he did, he should of atleast stopped and gone over there.

sorry man

anyway im glad that im like not sick anymore

this wont be a very memorible spring break, but i did enjoy the skiing that i got to do