SegaSaturn Developer’s Documentation Version 2.50 - English translation

Hey guys, great to see the community so active here! I'm dropping in because I had some time to do a few long overdue updates to my site at Exodus Technical Documentation, finally adding the "SegaSaturn - Developer Tool Kit" from August 1997 that's been around for years now. Since this CD contains the last and most complete collection of Sega Saturn technical documentation, I decided to do a quick and dirty translation from Japanese to English to make it more accessible. I was going to stop with a tool-based conversion.... but I got more obsessive about it and it turned into me manually going through over 1000 html files and another 1000 images, manually correcting layout and translation problems. It's taken the last three weeks of my life and just about drove me insane from the mind-numbing tedium of the task, but it's done now. I'm hosting a live version of the site here:

You can also download the complete documentation as a zip archive you can open locally from the Saturn Documentation section of my site. No need to use a webserver, just open index.html in the root and it'll work.

I personally find this web-based version much more accessible than the million separate pdf files the English manuals take the form of, and this incorporates a lot of fixes and extra information never included in them, since the Saturn was killed off outside Japan much sooner. I hope you guys find this useful.