Stellar Assault SS (English)

Stellar Assault SS English localization project 2023-05-11

Can't wait to try this! I played through it originally in Japanese back in the 90s, and found it really hard to understand what was going on, which probably made the game seem harder than it really is..
I just played through the game last night on original hardware, and it ran perfectly, the voice acting is superb. Thank you so much for your effort in making this awesome game more accessible for the masses, it's the closest thing to a rogue squadron type game we could have hoped for on the saturn, and man, is this game is pretty, the incredible warping textures on the Stars, the water is probably the best I've seen on the saturn outside of possibly the 3d sonic world demo in Sonic Jam. The gameplay is fast, and the framerate remains stable with hundreds of things on screen at once, and the controls are as good as any of this type of game from that era. Simply outstanding, I can't tell you how grateful I am to finally be able to understand what's going on in this game. :D
I played A LOT the 32x version and love your work on this Saturn reboot.
The high quality voice acting really brings something more to this game.
Many thanks to all contributors for the time you dedicated to this project. Really appreciated.