Game BASIC for Sega Saturn: in-depth guide


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Hi, folks... Been poking around these forums and really enjoying them. I thought people here might be interested in an article I recently posted on how to get started with Game BASIC for Sega Saturn:

This goes through how to get started, including how to properly run the PC-based tools and connect to the Saturn from a modern PC. I also found that it runs great with Mednafen and its keyboard emulation, so you don't even need the special hardware if you want to experiment.

I'm actively working on fleshing out more in-depth tutorials, like 3D graphics and sound, as well as translating some of the Japanese documentation to English. I've also found a couple programs that I don't think anyone else has archived (or at least, they're not in the awesome Satakore game database) and will be documenting those soon.

I think this is a really fun but overlooked tool. I'd love to see a few more people using it!


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man, I imported this back in the day. But with the manual completely in Japanese, and my lack of programming skills at the time.. I never did anything with it. I probably sold it for way too little money too.

thanks for posting that!