Can a us sms play pal games correctly?


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As far as I know 99% of all PAL games work on an NTSC SMS and vice versa, I've only ever heard of a couple that don't, one of which is Back to the Future III.

Mike G

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Yep - in fact most SMS carts are identical for all regions, it's only the packaging that differs. This is definitely the case for Phantasy Star.



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Much appreciated! This is a good thing, especially since I was able to get the original Phantasy Star for $16.50. That's not bad at all.

Looks like my Playstation is going to take an extended vacation, supplanted by my Sega Master System

Again, thanks for the help!



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damn ps cost me $60 off of ebay then my model 1 genesis broke down..
(used the master system converter to play)


The only game that doesn't work is back to the future 3. The jungle book works on american master system consoles but with a few game errors.