Can I use a US Netlink on a normal Pal Saturn?

Can I use a US Netlink on a normal Pal Saturn? Or does it have to be modded?

I know this has been asked before, but I searched and couldn´t find any answer.


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Well, the Euro Netlink reportedly works in the US with US Saturns so I would assume the opposite holds. You must of course have some way of running the software as well.
Euro Netlink

I didn't know there was any
Yes it does work on a PAL saturn. People in the french saturnfans community just bought a few to play online.

The euro netlink was released for betatest in Scandinavia (or at least Finland) IIRC.


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The European Netlink was only released in Finland. It seems no-one knew about this until I "released" the software along with some info about a year ago.


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Yes, it should work!

I'm using a japanese NetLink Modem with a PAL Saturn and a US browser.

I had to convert the region of the CD, so the Saturn is modded. You know I cannot use a PAR 4in1 with modem together, because theres only one cartridge slot.