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Can't get DK4BIT from the Duck Truemotion S devkit to show up in Windows 98

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by Torico, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. Torico

    Torico New Member

    I've managed to replace the intro SONIC 3D - Flickies' Island (E) [iso+ape] [TOC Confirmed].rar (grab it at gametronik) file SOP.AVI using Ultraiso but my converted intro doesn't play any sound and I can't get DK4BIT to show up inside Aviedit as explained inside compress.txt, if somebody is bored they can install all this and see if they can get sound working.

    Here's everything you need:

    VirtualBox https://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/5.2.18/VirtualBox-5.2.18-124319-Win.exe
    Virtualbox Extensions https://download.virtualbox.org/vir...VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-5.2.18.vbox-extpack
    Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 with CD-Rom Support [Virtual PC VHD] http://ricky.winworldpc.com/Abandonware Operating Systems/Virtual Machines/Microsoft Windows/Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 with CD-Rom Support [Virtual%20PC%20VHD].7z
    Win98SE with usb support http://ricky.winworldpc.com/Abandonware Operating Systems/PC/Microsoft Windows/Windows 98-ME/Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition.7z

    usb drivers for win98 http://download1406.mediafire.com/e5gk0a9symgg/ylqlc2qpksku5pg/nusb36e.exe
    gfx drivers for win98 http://download.fileplanet.com/ftp1/hardware/utilities/sdd-win-

    Duck encoder for use with Videdit and Aviedit: http://segaxtreme.net/content/satdev/Tools/sega/Duck.zip serial: CPHUCKKRKEKPP
    AviEdit ftp://ftp.sac.sk/pub/sac/graph/avied338.exe
    Videdit http://www.earthstation1.com/UtilityFiles/!videdit_.zip
    Duck video player for windows http://segaxtreme.net/content/satdev/Tools/audiovideo/duck.zip
    Super http://downloadcare.gotdns.com/GetFile5.php?SUPERsetup.exe contains a lot of adware, use another video converter of your choice
    Ultraiso https://www.ultraiso.com/uiso9_pe.exe
    And of course use https://segaretro.org/SSF for actual testing

    Heres a good video short video you can use

    rip it using https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/ and then convert it to old school avi using super for use with Videdit, right click on SOP.avi from Sonic and look in codec/media for the settings you should use when converting stuff inside Videdit.

    Win98SE has no shared folder support in Virtualbox, you have to get files over by using a usbstick or mounting a .iso with the files.

    From compress.txt (inside Duck.zip)

    "Compressing Audio

    The TrueMotion player will play uncompressed, 8-bit mono and stereo,
    22.05 and 44.1khz audio. In addition, you can compress 16 bit mono and
    stereo audio using Duck's 4-to-1 (4-bits-per-sample) audio compression,
    DK4BIT. A future release will support DK3BIT stereo 3-bit-per-sample
    compression as well. Using VidEdit, you can insert uncompressed audio
    in Microsoft Waveform, Apple AIFF, and raw PCM formats. Other
    applications may support these and/or other formats. Whether you intend
    to compress audio or not, the first step is the same; you must insert
    the audio, check synchronization, and resave the file (using `no
    recompression'). Here is an outline of the necessary steps:

    Select `Insert' (again, we assume VidEdit but other apps may work).
    Select the audio file format needed. Select the file. use
    `Synchronize' to check sync at various points in the file. Select `Save
    As' in the File menu. Select `Compression Options'; in the `Target'
    field, select `Hard Disk (Interleaved)'. In the `Video Compression
    Method' field (or is it a box?), select `No Recompression'. Select
    `Details>>`. In this dialog, check `Interleave audio every', and make
    sure `Frames' (to the right) is set to 1. Select `OK', and `OK' again.
    For long files, saving to a different disk drive may go faster and is
    nicer to the drives.

    To compress audio, the inserted audio file must be in 16-bit format.
    After saving the file with audio, run AVIEdit. There may be other
    programs that support audio compression of AVI files in Windows; if you
    find one, please let us know. Don't be greedy; share it with the class!
    Open the AVI file. Under the File menu, select `Save Options'. In the
    `Choose a stream...' box, select the stream labelled `Audio #1' (if you
    have more than two streams, one video and one audio, you screwed up).
    Select the `Interleave every' box, and set `Frames' to 1. Select
    `Options'. In the `Format' box, you should find the "DK4BIT AUDIO"
    compressor in the list; select it. (if it isn't there, it was not
    properly installed). The `Attributes' box should now display something
    like `44.1 kHz, 4 bit Mono -- 22 kb/sec' or som
    esuch. Select `OK'.
    Select `OK'. (that's not a typo; you were 2 dialogs in!). Now, under
    the `File' menu, do a normal `Save As' (you should use another name;
    perhaps append a 4). If all goes well, this file should play nicely
    using Media Player. Important note: compressed audio files will not
    load or play under VidEdit! This is expected; that's why we use AVIEdit
    to compress audio.

    Notes on Audio Compression

    44 khz, 16 bit audio sounds better than anything else. Using DK4BIT, in
    stereo this takes 44 kbytes/sec; with our new DK3BIT, it will use about
    33kbytes. If you have to use 22khz, we suggest that you use 16 bits and
    compress the audio (rather than 8bit uncompressed). Stereo is great,
    but if you have wonderful music one might argue that 44k mono is a
    better choice at the same datarate. Always normalize your audio files
    (`maximize' in DigiDesign parlance). Conversion to 22k is a much-
    discussed art; make sure it sounds good to you before you try to
    compress it. Remember, with video, audio, and everything else,
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  2. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    Torico, can you detail the issue with win98 and duck tm?

    EDIt : you mean dk4bit doesn't appears

    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  3. Torico

    Torico New Member

    yup same problem as me, it's not visible under the Audio section.
  4. 7imebomb7immy

    7imebomb7immy New Member

    I have been working on getting Duck re-encoding working on a physical Win98se box based on forum posts you made a while back. While I was able to re-encode video using VirtualDub, I did notice the audio on the re-encode was still PCM from the SUPER transcode. I do have to point out this line I read in documentation the other day and you have above: "The TrueMotion player will play uncompressed, 8-bit mono and stereo, 22.05 and 44.1khz audio." In theory DK4BIT should not be needed to get audio working, though what audio formats the Saturn Truemotion player supports I do not know.

    Unfortunately there isn't much out there that I could find regarding encoding DK4BIT audio, most DUCK information is about the video codec or decoding the audio. Some non-English forums seem to mention DK4BIT and ImTOO Video Convertor, but I cannot discern if it will encode DK4BIT or just decode.

    I will check what you have described above possibly later today.

    On a side note, I have had nothing but trouble opening transcoded AVI's in VidEdit (thus the VirtualDub re-encode). The sample AVI that came with the complete Video for Windows 1.1 package works great, but the one I transcoded with SUPER crashes it. Any suggestions on getting VidEdit to work? Changing the desktop color depth changed the error message (Windows 3.1 could only do 256 colors from my understanding).

  5. 7imebomb7immy

    7imebomb7immy New Member

    I've been working on this and was able to get the DK4BIT driver from the Truemotion2 installer to show up, but it still doesn't seem to play nicely. AVIEdit outputs a nice generic AVIERR_ERROR message when trying to save a file using DK4BIT as the compressor, probably because the TM2 DK4BIT is 32bit while TMS Duck Video is 16bit.
    TM2 installer (I used the same key as TMS installer): http://segaxtreme.net/content/satdev/Tools/audiovideo/ctk_516_sn_ Q2W2J4UPMPVQNCBW.exe

    Interestingly the COKI25M4.AVI DK4BIT sample from the full TMS DevKit (thanks again @vbt) described in Compress.txt does work in mplayer, whereas prior to installing TM2 mplayer would complain about not having the correct audio decoder.

    I will likely try to get a Win98 non-SE copy running on my system as there were hints on old posts that the TMS encoder might work on that, but not SE. I did also read somewhere someone finagled it to work on 95. We may ultimately be stuck relying on Win3.1 though for audio compression, unless someone can find an old copy of premiere.
  6. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    Well done @7imebomb7immy
    It's working here too, let's hope it's playing on saturn

  7. Torico

    Torico New Member

  8. 7imebomb7immy

    7imebomb7immy New Member

    As a follow up, a Win98 First Edition install presented the same problem. I did discover I can run Win3.1 on my physical machine, though with very limited driver support, so if I need to rely on that for a re-encode I can. I will get around to a Win98SE full re-encode, but not for a week or so. Look forward to others results.

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