Castle of Illusion

I used to love this game when I was a nipper. Pretty easy as you'd expect but amazing gameplay made up for it. To this day I still get the music from the first stage stuck in my head.

World of Illusion was also cool for the two player co-operative mode, which I always like, even though that game was possibly the easiest I've played (barring Guilty Gear X on GBA). Got it one Christmas and finished it within about 90 minutes.. That's what I call value
This is a quality little game for a very early Mega Drive release. Graphics were attractive at the time. The animation in particular was excellent. The game is fairly challenging unlike the piss easy World of Illusion. There are loads of apples in hard to reach places if you're looking for something with a bit of difficulty.

The later levels were fun and varied. Definately one to pick up if you see a cart around. Don't pay much for it though; this game is dirt common.