Castlevania Bloodlines beta 0.5 for Megadrive with the zeppelin and steelworks levels dumped by pulse_project


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"Hi all! As you already know, in 2014 I bought Simont_Belmont (the owner of the TARA200 cartridge) a copy of Castlevania Bloodlines rom 0.5. I think the time has come to share that beta with everyone, for free.

The prototype is unfinished (it stops at the fifth level); furthermore, due to numerous bugs, many sections are impassable. That's why I am adding a fixed version of the beta (many thanks to my friend Lord Gambit for his excellent work) for a better player experience.

BONUS: To access the 'Select Level', you have to be on the home screen with the menu and then enter the Konami code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. The code also allows you to select 30 lives from the options menu.

I hope you like the gift and that you enjoy the game well.

3.34 MB folder on MEGA

Kind regards from pulse_project (aka Jayfenwick) "

Source: EXCLUSIVIDAD EN SEGASATURNO : ¡La Rom Beta 0.5 Del Castlevania Bloodlines!