It's for Karaoke discs. Yup... the Saturn can play CD+G discs and show the lyrics onscreen.

At least I think so, it's not like I've ever had a chance to try... But that's what CD+G discs are... CD + graphics.
I have try making my own and fall to suceed but when i do i'll and see it play for myself i'll do.

i think it hard to purchase a kareoke disc, and plus the knowledge i'll gain learning how to make my own is worth it.

thanks Taelon
The only thing I got playing was the music; I didn't get any words to display.

Hmm... I am starting to think that the Saturn can't actually play them.

Has anyone ever played a CD+G disc on their Saturn?
I wanted to do above the same one year ago, in fact I wanted to make CD+EG but I never found tools to do that. I asked Karaoke Builder makers( if they would do a CD+EG release of their karaoke tools, I'm still waitng for it.

The only thing I found was CDG Creator I never burnt a CD because I think pictures with only 16 colors are really awful.
The Saturn and SegaCD both play CD+Gs just fine, I tried out some karaoke discs in both of them.

Bluetones, if you burned your own, it may not really be a CD+G disc, as not all burners can burn them. The CD+G format relies on the subchannel data of the CD to store its graphics. It's possible that your burner either can't do this or maybe you didn't set any particular options for writing the subchannel data.
Thanks for all the information. Ive been up all night trying to get it work but it only plays the audio. So maybe your right radsil maybe my burner can burn the cdg disc.

I have Liteon burner.

hmmmm any body ever got their own to work? and what brand of burner did you use.

thanks alot for the links and the help.
Just curious, which software did you use to try burning a CD+G? As I understand it, most apps offer a separate "profile" for CD+G discs, i.e. you cannot burn them as regular data discs (mixed-mode or otherwise). I would think that at that stage, the program tells you whether the CD burner supports a CD+G compilation or not.
I'm not sure if you can burn a CD+G as a bin/cue ... actually I doubt it very much. CD+G discs use subchannel data, so for one thing your burner must be able to write subchannel data.

The other thing is that CDRWin does have a specific option to burn a file as a CD+G track. What you do is go to the CD burn dialog, the one that lets you add either a cuesheet or files as tracks. Do the latter, and you'll see a window that lets you add tracks, and at the top there are two radio buttons for AUDIO or CD+G.

Is that what you used?
Then I guess you need a proper file to burn as a track, one that already contains all the CD+G info including subchannel data. Considering that each sector holds 2352 bytes of raw data and 96 bytes of subchannel data, that would come to 2448 bytes/sector. Interesting... some sort of "ultra-raw" data.
I've made a CD+G with CDG Creator and played it successfully on MegaCD and Saturn!

Imo the saturn can play CD+EG with 256 colors, but CDG Creator supports only 16 colors! Is there another programm available to create CD+G or CD+EG with more than 16 colors?