CD Games list 0.6 uploaded

Added more cd covers, linked up some in game pics, updated correct spellings...anyone know if the 98th game was Eightman?

CD Game list

Eightman should exist somewhere on cd sice many places I know said they sold it in the past. and I hope Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle came out on cd also...if not then there are a grand total of 99 games on the cd system, if Kizuna IS on cd then the cd system has a total of 100 cd games!
I think I have Kizuna Encounter NGCD, but I'd have to check, and that stuff is in storage at the moment.

Basically, I got my NGCD with several games in a trade, and I remember there being one fighting game that wasn't one I remember playing and wasn't really interested in. The phrase "Super Tag Battle" definitely sounds familiar...

It will be several months before I can get at that stuff again (it's in Colorado, I'm in Kentucky), unfortunately.
After trying to refresh my memory, I don't think it was Kizuna, more likely it was Savage Reign or one of the World Heroes games.