cd labling


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Well i'm sick of having a bunch of cd-r's with no sort of cd face other than white and purple (memorex) so i was wondering if there is a good FREE cd lable program and if there are things i can buy that can cut the perfect lable for a cd with the little center hole and everything. If not i'll cut it out but that would look pretty shitty so i'd like to avoid th at.
Its best of you get the label kit. stickers precut for the label, and the program to do so. They are quite cheap as well.
I dont know the name of them, they always seem to have a few of them at staples. Usually are packaged in a thin large box. Similar to a comptuer game box.
Mine cost me 96 cents. It is made by a company called "Sharpie," and offers you a choice of colors. I've mostly used green myself, though someone recently stole it from me, so I stole their purple one back.

With the package that I mentioned to you, you can yes. If you want to go to a greater extreme, go get yourself a cd printer.
Quite expensive. If you look in your local computer paper, there shoudl be places that will print an image of your choice on the cd for a small fee. The printers are ridiculously expensive though.
theres not much point in doin it unless your gonna store them in cases on the shelf or somthin. putting labels on an then puttin em on a spindle probably isnt the best idea. to me it wouldnt be worth the effort unless could get a hold of a few cases of saturn cases. has a free program to print cd overlays, case covers and also templates to resize images from cover sites to fit any size case. All you have to provide is the stick on cd covers available for a few dollars.
well, i got me a something called cdlabler delux edition by sure thing which was 20 dollars more expensive than lable sudio so i got that one. Comes with the program, extra sticky sheets, the standard aplicator and the full face aplicator (what cd is full-face?) And once it's intalled it actually inter-twines with your cd burning software. So i'm gonna try this shit out now.