CD System incompatibilities?


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Are there any PCE CD games known to be incompatible with particular CD System hardware or System Cards later than the one they were coded for (e.g. working with a version 1 System Card but not version 2)?
Might as well add to that games that are compatible with Arcade Card Duo but not Arcade Card Pro, or the reverse.
No, the other way around. I saw a message on the RIGG board saying that Altered Beast would only work with a System Card 1, for instance.
That doesnt sound right, if a game was coded for system card 1 you should be able to play it on card 2 or 3. it would have made much sense on nec's part to have a blatant incompatibility like that. But you never know, it could have possibly been a money making scheme, in order to play all the games you need to buy all the system cards.
It doesn't sound like an engineered incompatibility. The people who mentioned it described it as being a pretty odd bug that pops up in a particular place. It wasn't like a screen that pops up and says "this System Card is too 1337 for me!"...
Yes your correct about Altered Beast only working on a system card 1.0. You can only play up to the first boss with any other system card.

Here's a incomplete list of System incompatibilies

games that don't work on a US Duo or US system card 3.0.


Bonanza Brothers

Altered Beast

cd Rom RPG Sampler

Fames that don't work with the arcade card pro

Graduation 2 Neo Genertions

Tanjo Debut

Games that only work with the memory Base 128

A. 3 Take the A Train

Atlas The Renaissance Voyage

Aurora Quest Otaku

Games requireing the Game Express Card

AV Tanjo

Hi Leg Fantasy

CD Bishoujo Gambler

I've heard of System incompatibilities for Cosmic Fantasy 1 too but I'm not sure which systems it has problems with.

I have like 400 cd titles but I really haven't throughly test for System incompatibilities but hope this info is helpful.