CD32 internals?

Is the CD32 basically just a stripped-down Amiga with a CD-ROM drive, pads, and standard specs, or is there something more to it? I seem to remember seeing something along the lines of a kit that would add everything "missing" to form a more or less full Amiga system. Anyone know anything about that?
The addon was called the SX-1 I believe... it included the rest of the chips that like you said made it a full amiga... actually a model 1200 to be specific. There were several flavors of the SX Modules some with internal hardrives, some with pcmcia like hard drive devices, some had floppies others didnt. You used to be able to still order all of that type stuff before Amiga Format the UK magazine closed shop sometime last year.

Hope that helps... at least give you a place to start looking.
yes the cd32 is basically just a stripped-down a1200 motherboard with just a couple of extra features, a small amount of non-volatile flash ram (about 1Kb i think) for saved-games and the Akiko chip, used only by a handful of games to gain a slight speed increase in 3D graphics.

There are a couple of places in the UK that i know of still selling amiga parts, both came highly-recommended when the amiga was more popular, they are Power Computer ( ) and Eyetech ( )

be warned that the SX-1 units always were fairly pricey, they are unlikely to be much cheaper now ( i think they used to be around £200 )

hope this helps

i have an SX-1 unit. i am not to good with Amiga computers however, and i just dont have the time to get it all running. the unit is very coool tho, it has all these cool ports, and upon opening the system there is a place for a harddrive and RAM!!!!! man this thing is cool, i just dont know where to start... oh well.. ill sell the thing or trade it maybe for an X box or gamecube. It has instruction manual.. ill even include a system if u really want that.
Yeah i had the SX-1 when it first came out, 6 months after the CD32 i think (Mar 94) i added a 170meg!! HD and 8 Meg ram, keyboard, disk drive and mouse, and i also had the FMV add on which was great at the time, though no game companies utilised it like they did for the CDi...the SX32 i think it was called went actually all inside the cd32 and didn't stick out like a sore thumb like the SX1 and some models had a faster processor '030 and '040 i think... all my old consoles are stored 500 miles away in my dads garage:p
and 040 and 8 meg ram... that would be sweet.

my a2000hd is running an 030 with 5 meg, plus the cd32 is aga.

boy, you dont know the glory of the aga chipset unless you owned a non-aga amiga first.