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Mid Boss
I have this image file, it's in *.cif format. The person who ripped it (this isn't a Saturn game, it's a PC Utility on CD - completely legal) doesn't know how to use any other program apparently.

It's in Adaptec Easy CD Creator format. How could/would I convert that to Nero, or ISO, or BIN? If worst comes to worst, I suppose I could just find a copy and burn it... however, that's not the method I'd prefer.

Thanks for all your help in advance!
You should be able to open the .cif file using CDMage.

Select the data track (assuming it's just one) in the 'session 1' tracks window at the top right, right click on it and click on the extract tracks option. This will let you extract an iso image.
Ok, got it. Thanks.

This may be a stupid question, but if CDMage reports the ISO w/ Sector Size of 2048, I should extract it as Mode1/2048, right? Or does it matter?

Again, thanks for all the help!
I think it is more important that you extract it to a format that your burner can write.