Sorry to bother you guys; whenever i burn a game wioth tells me that the burn is successful, but when i go to my burner in Windows Explorer and click on it to see the contents of the cd that is in the drive it says "please insert cd" - the game is actually burned i can see the "engraving" into the cd myself...and when i put it in the game freezes or nothing happens...

What am i doing incorrectly during the burning procedure...? cuesheet problems? settings?
oh and don't worry my consoles are working perfectly, modchips, country conversions etc...

I have burned over 60saturn games before...i would convert the bin to an iso but there are 2 iso files within the bin way to get around this?

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I can't really help you with the games freezing on your console (did all 60 of your burns fail to work?)...

However, I seem to remember that CDRWin requires you to turn off Auto-Insert Notification for your CD drive(s) in Windows' Device Manager. Therefore, if you just burnt a new CD and went to Explorer, Windows would have no idea about this new CD being present in the drive. Try opening, then closing the lid, and then refreshing the Explorer display.
bad cdrwin crack or serial will cause it to destroy any burn you make with it.. resulting in a "blank" disc.
That might be it..thanks arakon..i'll try another copy.. (taelon: all 60 were burned successfully... i made about 7/7 coaster with cdrwin..)

tried that taelon..

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