Convert save from SSF to Retroarch format?

Hi, can you help me transfer a save from stand-alone emulator SSF (for sega saturn) to retroarch core (beetle saturn)? I've already tried using Sega Saturn RAM Backup parser tool and sega saturn converter tool to no avail. Yes, I use the default "hook" option in SSF which saves each individual file. This is frustrating because for a test I got to a save point using traditional "non-hook" regular saturn save method (internalbackupRAM.bin), and was able to extract the BIN file, insert it into a BKR file, and see the save in-game, but with a nearly identical BIN file from the hook, the game returns an error when showing system memory saves.

I already have 10 emulators on this computer (via retroarch) and was able to get the game to run, just not showing saves. I even copied system memory to cartridge (internal to external) but it's both backup memory so won't show up, even after using parser tool. For sega saturn converter tool it does nothing. I installed latest .net v7.0 perhaps it requires v5.0 but windows warned me I should get latest. I've seen some guides online, specifically through this forum, but after following all the steps I keep getting an error. This has been my obsession last couple days I could've already recreated the saves manually by playing, and avoided a lot of stress lol. As far as I know it's not possible to convert backup library saves to regular saturn saves either (backup/internalbackup/gamename.bin -> internalbackupRAM.bin for example)
Can you extract your SSF save to the .BUP file format? With the .BUP save you can inject into into a ISO and load it on any emulator (using Save Data Manager, Save Game Copier etc).
My converter tool should support hook files, and you should have been given a ton of different outputs including BUP. Could you share that folder?
Wow thanks so much Knight0fDragon, finally got it working! (I was about to just download a Playstation version of the rom, then download a save off gameFAQs for that console since it's on several different platforms). But it converted it BKR and no need to parse, or inject. For anyone struggling to get his converter tool to work try getting .NET 5.0 run-time library (not the sdk unless you have Visual Studio 2019). .NET 5.0 run-time library The other day Microsoft recommended I get the newer 7.0 sdk, but I have Visual Studio 2022 so it didn't work.