CDX Compatibility

As long as it's nothing really good then I'm not too bothered... after all, I've got no real urge to play Jurassic Park...

But if it's a game like Lunar, I got a problem o.o


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Well, if it were me i would be sad. Jurassic park was one of my favorite games. I was brought up on dinosaurs and stuff so jurassic park is a big part of my little kid phase of childhood. So i guess thats a matter of opinion.
The Sega CD FAQ on gameFAQs says the following are incompatible.

Jurassic Park (works, but takes a VERY LONG TIME to load)

Radical Rex


Who Shot Johnny Rock?
I tested Jurassic Park with my Sega CDX last night. It worked like a charm. So there must be something wrong with that incompatibility list.

I think i also have terminator, i´ll find the disc and try it out too!!!



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Hmmm... It's probobly not good by todays standards, but as a kid i loved it. You should check it out. I never played the game gear version so i cant say if its the same or not. Though i think the Rampage version for the Genny is better.
All the screenies I've seen seem to imply another FMV game... is this true? Or is it just another platform romp?

These FMV games intrigue me actually, I couldn't afford a MegaCD when they were prime, I couldn't even afford more than 2 MegaDrive game a year, so with my new CDX, this genre is a relatively new experience to me.


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OMG!!! i can't beleive i just did that. This whole time i was thinking of the sega genesis game! The sega cd game is great! From what i can remember, its sorta half an FMV game. It has been such a long time since i played it. I can't really remember how the game goes really. But i would say its a good game.
Maybe I'll check it out after all then
I got a pack of 25 CDR's sitting next to me see so I'm looking for ideas =P

I also get paid in 2 weeks so I'm gonna hunt for some originals

I hated the GameGear version of Jurassic Park, tho GameGear Lost World was fun...
Jurassic park on sega cd is a slow adventure game.

Dont get me wrong, i love adventure games like Snatchet, etc...but jurassic park is just too slow and boring. It might be OK if you have a lot of patience and free time,,,,,but i wouldnt recommend it unless youre a big JP or dinosaur fan.



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Man I need to get on of these for collectors sake,... damn their still so exspensive, as for the ones I have seen on ebay... DAMN.. it oh well sometime soon I will get one.....