Chatting parodius

OK. I've had Chatting Paro for the saturn for a while now. AND I still haven't been able to find all the friggin fairies hidden in the game. There's 70 something of them and I think I've found around 53. Where the smeg are the other little bitches???
Well...since I'm pretty sure no one can help here I'm wondering if anyone has gotten them all. And if anyone has managed this task...what does it unlock? Thanks.

Later all...
ok what the hell is with paradous. That is one weird ass seires. I've heard of the others, but only played the one on super nintendo. ARe they all shooters or.. what?
Their all shooters. Also if you like the style of play you can get Game Tenoku for the Saturn and Game Tengoku 2 for the PSX they kind of have the same type but the Game Tengoku games are harder.
They're all fantastic! I have one on the SNES which is hilarious, I always get it mixed up with something else.. can't remember the name. Sort of a typical Parodius game but with a demented Japanes guy screaming in the background constantly.
Yeah. That's the game I'm talking about. Chatting Parodius. That guy is sooo annoying and it's even more annoying in two player mode. THANK GOD they put in an option to turn off the guys voice.

Later all...
ok what the hell is with paradous. That is one weird ass seires.

Ever heard of Gradius? If not, it's something of a seminal series when it comes to shooters, right up there with the likes of R-Type and 19XX. Parodius (i.e. parody+Gradius) is the Gradius folks letting out all their weirdness and absurdity.