cheap beer

maybe almost as bad as discount bungie cords
keystone isn't good either they all taste like piss to me except gueniss(some day i will remember how to spell it) all i know is that's what i do in my spare time drink. All because this girl wont break up with her boyfriend.
There's always murder, or the occasionl set-em-up where you make them look so bad they'll neverg et back together.

This one ime right, my friend wnated me to help him make this girl break up with this guy so we planted porno in his locker, it all spilled out and now they broke up and my bud and her are goin' steady
can't do i'm a college student and the kid lives in her home town so she always goes to him on the weekends. She likes me but not enough or soemthing i dont fucking know.

here's to alocho woooooooooowhooooooool.
well my night of drinking has come to an end all i learned is i feel like beating the shit out of everyone and i didn't. i also get really down. after puking my brains out, drinking gallons of water and pissing it out, kung fu fighting with a friend, and running like a mad fucker. i realized i hate most the people i know in my life. I should join AA and drop all my friends and start doing those lame ass 12 step things.
trust me, 12 stepish things never work. and if you really feel like beating people, i usually take a baseball bat and (i have a wooden dummy that i made and painted a face on it that's in my back yard) beat the wooden man.
do you really want a chick that you know leaves guys cuz she just finds someone better?? and what kinda chick would dump a guy over porn, and that is just too noticable of a set up who would be dumb enough to stuff that much porn in there locker??? like comon ppl.
Originally posted by gamefoo21@Oct. 17 2002, 8:42 pm

who would be dumb enough to stuff that much porn in there locker???

*raises hand*

I was holding on to it for a friend. Really.
if a girl finds somebody better then whats wrong with her going with them. Life is only about happiness (hey i just got rejected and i'm not drinking my pain away oh wait ya i will since i can).
because most guys end up being the same to a girl. you only got your varying degree's of guys. and most girls i have known that have pulled that one wish they hadn't cuz they ended up with the bad one.