Check out my games,..............

Sega Saturn

Cyber Speedway


Ressurection: Rise 2

Darius Gaiden

Wing Arms

Ghen War

WF: In Your House

The Horde

Sim City 2000

Virtua Cop

Daytona USA

Galaxy Fight

Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

Shadow Over Mystara

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

In the Hunt

Street Fighter: The Movie

Virtual On

Independance Day

Iron Storm

NHL All Star Hockey

Virtua Cop 2

Virtua Fighter 2

Maximum Force

True Pinball

Blazing Heroes

Nights Sampler

Netlink Web Browser V.2
Cool post Ressurection: Rise 2 for download or trade.



Defcon 5


Enemy Zero




Grid Runner


Skeleton Warriors

Solar Eclipse

Road Rash

Panzaar Dragon

Space Hulk

Soviet Strike

Iron Storm

i cant think of more
No, I don't consider the Netlink Driver a game,.....

Yes, I do think Street Fighter the Movie is a game,....

Ok, you guys are done, does anyone else have any INTELLIGENT and SOCIALLY REDEEMING comments to make?
does anyone else have any INTELLIGENT and SOCIALLY REDEEMING comments to make?

I believe that the periodic wholesale migration of the populace to new entertainment trends and artforms, combined with the current juggernauts of industrial capitalist model of artistic exploitation, leads to a dearth of meaningful, well-constructed art that truly adds to the wealth of human culture.

Ah crap. You said anyone else. Never mind then.
Street Fighter the Movie wasnt a game, it was a really bad joke gone horribly wrong. And that list of games was a joke as well.

I posted my "pitiful" games list for an ulterior purpose.

1) To gauge the character of the regulars, or at least the respondants,....

2) To let people know what I have. Some people lost their instructions and need scans, some people want to discuss the merits of a particular title. Some people just want to ask how a game plays before they purchase it themselves.

This was my first posting,...what did you want? I think it's a respectable list.

Go flame another newbie.