Christmas NiGHTS (euro)


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I want to buy a copy of Christmas NiGHTS and I want it to be in as original condition as possible (as you do).

All of the ones I ever see are bare discs. Is that how the Euro ones came, or was there some sort of sleeve?
The Euro version came in a little cardboard sleeve. I'll try and find a cover scan on the net, I saw one the other day.

Some come in little plastic sleeves, but these are the ones that came free with Sega Saturn Maagzine.
Nearly everybody in the UK got Christmas Nights Free with SSM.

That copy sold out the 1st week it hit the shelves.
It was a sampler you could pick up for free at some game stores. They had them in little piles on the counter usually.

I wish I picked up a pile of them now =/
I really wish we got more than one copy of it too - Probably go for quite a bit on ebay for those that didn't get it
I have the one in the cardboard sleeve I picked up from electronics boutique, and 2 I got from SSM which both came in a clear plastic sleeve, never play any of them though prefer the main game
I renember picking that up with my issue of SSM, I spent HOURS playing that
It was free and was better than some standalone saturn games.
I got mine bye trading a Broken toy gun and some alien action figures with my neighbor. Boy am i glad i did.